Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I direct camp questions?
If your question is not answered in any of the information provided on this sheet or our packing list you can direct questions to

Will there be a parent meeting? 
Yes!  We will meet from 12:00-1:00pm on Sunday, June 30 At this meeting we will go over details and you can ask any final questions. You will also be able to turn in any missing forms and/or pay the final balance. 

Can I sponsor a student?
Yes, that would be awesome! We have many students that want to attend camp but their family cannot afford to send them. If you are interested in sponsoring a student email Kevin at All donations are tax-deductible.

What if I can’t afford the price of camp?
We understand that some may not be able to afford the cost of camp. We never want anyone to miss a great camp experience due to finances. If you are able to pay a minimum of a $50 deposit you can register once registration is open. Then email Kevin and let him know that you are in need of help. He will contact you to discuss how much you can pay and make arrangements to help. 

How can I contact my student in case of emergency?
You can contact your child at any point by calling any of the leaders. A list of leaders’ names and contact info will be provided.

Where does my student need to be dropped off and picked up?
Arrive at 8:30am to check-in for camp in main building.

Will valuables be safe?
We do not recommend bringing any valuables to camp. Falls Creek and FBC Weatherford assume no responsibility for any lost, stolen, or damaged items while at camp.

Do campers have to participate in all activities or sessions?
All campers will need to be present for all activities and sessions regardless of whether they participate or not. There will be specific free time hours that allow for flexibility but students should never be alone, nor is anyone allowed to leave the premises.

What is the weather like in Falls Creek?
Generally summer weather at Falls Creek is very similar to the weather in Texas.

What kind of lodging will students be in?
All campers will be lodged in a cabin with bunk beds. Males and females will be housed in different cabins. Each cabin will have multiple adult leaders with the students.

Who are the adult leaders?
All leaders are background checked adults that attend FBC Weatherford. The leaders have been serving with your students for a while now.

How will the cabins be organized?
Students will be put into rooms with their small group leaders, arranged by gender and age. If you have a specific friend you’d like to room with, let us know. We will do our best to make sure they are in the same group.

Can students that do not attend FBC Weatherford attend camp?
Absolutely! We encourage students to bring their friends.

Who will the camp speaker be?
Shane Pruitt will be our camp speaker this year. Shane is a traveling communicator, evangelist, author and Bible teacher. He has been in ministry for over 17 years.