Ministry Relaunch Plan

As we relaunch ministries here at FBC, remember you can make the choice to worship in person or continue to worship online. Do what is best for you and your family. Always remember there are others who may not feel the same as you so do not be frustrated with the choices of others. 

Always keep in mind, “What do we need to do to honor the Lord in this situation?” In doing so,

we also want to do everything we can to keep you safe. 

Our main goal is to love and serve our community.

What have we learned during this time?

  • God is still at work. He has not been surprised by the events of the last few months. 
  • We will do simultaneous services in person and live stream so we can connect with our community. We are calling it FBC Connect. Perhaps you are traveling, sick, injured, or homebound. Maybe you prefer to worship online. Our goal is to give everyone an opportunity to connect with God and be in community with one another. 
  • It's important for the church to get beyond the walls of its building. FBC Connect will be vital in accomplishing this. For details, read the FBC Connect column under "What We Are Doing".

What we are doing:


We have updated our cleaning procedures for the entire facility.  In every step of this plan, please know that before and after every event, thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces is completed.

Family ministries

Our Preschool, Kid’s, PreTeen, and Student ministries are planning summer activities for your children.  As these ministries begin to have limited meetings both on and off campus, we recognize the need for parents to use proper discernment for your child’s participation.  Appropriate social distancing practices will be encouraged at every event.  

FBC Connect

We encourage individuals and families to prayerfully consider hosting friends and neighbors in your home for Bible study and online worship even as this situation clears up in the coming months.  This can be a powerful way to spread the gospel in Parker County and FBC would love to help you connect with your friends and neighbors in this way. 

Relaunch 1

(We are now on Relaunch 2)

  • Worship Services online and in person on Sundays. Doors will open at 10:00am.
  • We encourage those in the vulnerable population to continue to worship online only.
  • One service at 10:30am (online and in person).
  • Overflow seating available in the Chapel if the Sanctuary fills.
  • Giving may be done online, placed in the drop boxes in the foyers, sent by mail, or dropped off at the church office.
  • Preschool, Kid’s, and Preteen ministries will not meet on campus.
  • Student ministry bible study will not meet on campus.
  • Bible study groups will not meet on campus.
  • Every other pew will be marked off for social distancing.
  • Please sit along the ends of the pew.
  • Please respect others’ space and ask before sharing a pew. You may sit on the same pew as long as there is appropriate spacing between.
  • The service will be a family service since childcare is not provided. If you have young children with you, please bring your own supplies to keep them occupied during the service as we will not be handing anything out. Britni has resources and ideas to help you create a bag of goodies. If your child is restless and needs to leave, the Parlor will be available. You can go there and still participate in the service.
  • Entry will be in from the South Foyer doors only and the doors will be propped open until service begins.
  • Exit will be through the West Foyer doors at the rear of the Sanctuary. These steps will keep the traffic flowing in one direction and eliminate cross flow.
  • Please do not congregate in the hallways or foyers.
  • Masks are not required but are welcome.
  • During this step of our relaunch we will not be providing:
  • Childcare
  • Parking lot shuttle
  • Coffee service, beverages or food
  • Bulletins or other handouts
  • Hymnals, Bibles, pens, or anything in the pews
  • Please be very diligent about not hugging or shaking hands. Even though you may be comfortable with it, others may not. So, let's honor the Lord by honoring others and maintaining social distancing. 


During this step we will evaluate week to week the need for multiple worship services.

Relaunch 2

(Current Phase - Began Sunday, July 12)

  • Worship services online and in person
  • All entry doors will reopen at 8:45am for Bible Study
  • Bible Study will begin at 9:15am
  • Giving may be done online, placed in the drop boxes in the foyers, sent by mail, or dropped off at the church office.
  • Preschool and Kid’s Ministry will plan to meet on campus for Bible Study every other week. We will add additional weeks if we have enough volunteers. Check week to week for registration. Full details below.
  • Childcare is not guaranteed to be provided during Worship
  • Bible Study groups that do not require childcare may begin to meet on campus
  • Preteen and Student ministry bible study groups may begin on campus 
  • Full details for Aug 9 (Preschool and Kids):
  • Here are policies and instructions for both parents and volunteers. We will relaunch preschool and children's ministries at church. We have put into place several policies that will help us as we relaunch. Below is a list of some changes we are making for both the parents and kids as well as the volunteers who are serving. 
  • ALL children MUST be registered to attend by Saturday evening at 6:00pm.
  • This serves us in several ways. First, we have limited capacity in all of our classrooms. Limited capacity in the classrooms will help us with social distancing but we are also operating with fewer volunteers and we still need to keep our child to adult ratios safe. For this reason, children will need to be registered EACH week. 
  • The link each week will be sent in the weekly email and will be posted on our Facebook pages. Please do not call or text to reserve a spot, you may call or text if you have trouble with the sign up or link.
  • Here is the link for Aug 9. If a class fills up, you will be notified Saturday evening via text if we do not have a spot for your child. The class limits are not much different than what we had attending classes before Covid so most classes should be ok. Priority will be given to those who are serving in kids programming. This ensures that those who are willing to help others attend worship and Bible Study, also get to attend worship and Bible Study. If you would like to sign up to serve, please contact Britni at
  • The plan for this month is to offer Bible Study for Birth-4th grades on Aug 9 and 23. This is due to fewer volunteers at the time. 
  • New Policies for Covid-19
  • Parents and Children:
  • Since we are preregistering, your check-in stickers will be printed and available at your child's classroom. This will eliminate lines in the hallway and multiple people touching the iPads. 
  • All Children must wash hands when they arrive in their classrooms, older kids can use sanitizer.
  • Parents are not to enter any classroom unless they are there to serve. Parents must remain at the door for drop off and pick up.
  • Car seat carriers need to be left in the car and cannot be brought into the building. 
  • Preschoolers: Please only bring a small bag with essentials for your child's care. Items to bring are feeding essentials, change of clothes, diapers, wipes, pacifiers or lovies. PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING. This will help volunteers make sure only your child uses their items. 
  • 1st-6th Graders: No personal items like toys will be allowed in the classrooms, children may bring a Bible and pen.
  • Donuts will not be available in the hallway upon entry.  [Prepare your kids for this :) ]
  • We will not be providing snacks during this time. We will have disposable cups that the kids can use to get a drink of water after outside play. 
  • Drop Off Procedures:
  • We are asking, if you have multiple kids to drop off, start by dropping off your 1st-4th graders, next preschoolers, and then drop off preteens. During this time, we need parents to walk each child to their door. Please do not allow them to go by themselves. Also, if you do not have a preschooler, please do not enter the preschool area to cut through. 
  • Please pick up your kids promptly after Bible Study. Again we do not have as many volunteers at the moment and we are not able to take kids to you. 
  • If you want your child to wear a mask, you may send it with them. In our care, no one under the age of two will be allowed to wear a mask. Masks are NOT REQUIRED to be worn by children.
  • Volunteer Policy Changes:
  • All volunteers will be expected to wash their hands upon entering the classroom. 
  • If serving in the Infant or Sprout room, volunteers will need to remove their shoes or wear the provided shoe coverings in the classroom. 
  • Dirty Toy Buckets will be placed in each room. Any toy that goes in the mouth will need to be placed here to be thoroughly sanitized before returning to play. 
  • We have a sprayer for the playground. After a class plays on the playground, the playground will need to be sprayed down before the next group comes out.
  • Volunteers can wear a mask if they choose, since we are a house of worship, adults do not have to have wear a mask.  
  • We thank you all for your support and encouragement during this time. It has been a fluid and challenging time to make decisions we feel are best for our church. Please know that we will continue all online options if you do not feel comfortable with in person yet. 


During this step, church ministry events that do not require childcare may be scheduled on campus.

Relaunch 3 (TBD)

  • Worship services online and in person
  • Preschool and Kid’s ministries relaunch on campus as able
  • Extended Care (preschool care during worship) available with limited capacity
  • All on campus Bible study groups may meet


During this step, volunteer availability will dictate the ability to provide childcare.

Relaunch 4 (TBD)

  •       All ministries operating at full capacity

How we are operating during the COVID-19 precautions


Worship will be online every Sunday at 10:30am.  We hope that you will join us live each week!

Come join us here on the website or on our Facebook Page.


We would love to pray for you.  You can send us your  

Prayer Request by clicking this link. 

You may also email us a prayer request at


Tithes and Offerings can still be given during this time.

By mail: 

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By text:

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Our Pastor is doing a daily devotional on our Facebook Page.

The devotionals are live at 9am Monday - Saturday. We would love for you to follow along!

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