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Child Safety

child-safety-at-schoolYour child’s safety is our concern. We take care in providing a safe and secure learning environment so that you can feel comfortable leaving your children with us!

All volunteers and paid workers are required to complete a background check.

Each classroom has both a teacher and an assistant present and someone on our staff is present at all times to supervise and answers any questions.

Parents of preschoolers will check-in their children at the computer located in the Preschool Building. Follow these simple steps:
1. Go to a Check-in Terminal. Check-in computers are located in the preschool building. If you are visiting with us, stop by the Preschool Welcome Desk and we will assist you in checking-in.
2. Get Your Child’s Nametag. You will receive a sticker to place on your child displaying your child’s name. Please place it prominently on your child’s clothing.
3. Get Your Pick-Up Tag. You will also receive a printed sticker to retain for yourself. You will need this identification to pick-up your child.
4. Go to a Classroom. Once registered, you may proceed to the age appropriate class for your child.
On-site pagers are also available to parents of babies. You may request one at the Preschool Welcome Desk and will be notified immediately if you are needed prior to the end of class time.
Outer doors are locked once services have begun. The main access door to the Preschool suite is monitored at all times.


Elementary children are checked-in at the door to their classroom. At the conclusion of any event, parents or guardians are asked to personally pick up their kids at their classroom.