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Dr. David George

Author admin, Written Feb 3, 2013

Dr. David George

Dr. David George

Senior Pastor

Brenda and I have been married for 46 years.  We have two children (Tessa and Aaron) and two grandchildren (Landry and Sophie).  Brenda's mother,  Joyce Risenhoover, lives with us here in Weatherford.

What Hobbies / Activities do you enjoy?
My hobbies are few. I play golf every chance I get. Friday is usually a day off for me and 9 out 10 Fridays you will find me at a golf course. We enjoy going to the beach, Palm Springs, Cal., and mid South Texas, for regular getaways. We love to travel. Israel and the Middle East are favorite destinations for us.

What is a good book you are currently reading?
I am currently reading The Hunger Games and The Tipping Point. I am a student of leadership, with everything John Maxwell has written in my library.  My library is filled with biographies of great leaders of the past. Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, Franklin, the Adamses, and of course any of the first century heroes of the faith.

What excites you about FBC Weatherford?
Potential is always exciting to me and FBC Weatherford has more potential than any church I know right now. The opportunity to relocate to land that is paid for, to build a new facility to match the ministry needs and opportunities for the coming years is really exciting. The caliber of people who are part of the body of Christ at FBC Weatherford make our opportunity here reachable.

Whats' the worst job you have ever had?  
When I was in late college or early seminary, my Dad hired me to be laborer on for him on the Science Building at TCU. The problem was that I was to clean up after the plumbers on the job. There was very little to do. But I was always taught to look like I was busy. "Never stand around and lean on a shovel, look like you are lining up the ditch you are digging. " That was my dad's advice to me. But it was real hard to look busy on this job. So I had to find creative ways and places to hide so if the big boss came to the job he would no catch me loafing. I found some neat hiding places in that building. Trying to fill a half day with only an hour or so of real work made for a long day.